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hey there tshirt people...

ive been unable to email for a couple days due to a monitor problem but i 
am back...

anyhow things are very very hectic right now!!! with us (the state 
champs) leaving on the 10th for our us tour thang im under alott of 
hectic stress... ive got to screen 50 state champs shirts and make 50 
copies of our tape and record some shit and get the artwork for the 7" 
duplicated for the 7" and practice for the show on the 6th and get ready 
to chill with tara and party at james's bday ..and the list goes on.. so 
im hoping to get the shirts bought and started this week.. amybe even 
tomorrow... and then mail some off as early as next week... but if all 
this other stuff that has to be done before may 10th gets in the way then 
there will be a delay...ill be gone for aproximatly 12 days so that wont 
be horrible but it will be a delay none the less... but hopefully things 
will work out and ill get some of the shirts off before i leave :)

anyhow keep sending the cash if you havent.. ive already recieved some 
replacement checks so keep up the good work guys :)

and before you know it you will be sporting your sloannet tee...

Anyhow sorry for all delays potential and otherwise.. but this teeshirt 
stuff is really alot of work ...

but im gonna get it done so dont worry about it :)



who also has a vcomic to finish as well.. aaaargh im gonna die!!!