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Re: umm... sloan?

aaah!  please excuse me for my ignorance of not knowing jim carroll and
motorhead.  i will make sure that i do my research before posting anything so
that no one else can get mad at me, and so i won't have anymore nightmares of
people and computers coming to kill me because of my ignorance... big, tall
people and superduper-high-tech computers...(big fears for someone who is
very short and doesn't understand technology)

um, i just thought i'd mention that in the same edition of _impact_ magazine
that got me into trouble (may 1995 ed.), in the 'regional activity' column
they mention the _prizewinners_, _roadkill_ and _danger: falling rock_
compilations.  check it out to see if they mention your band (or bands if you
disbanded and came up with a new group.....)!

				..sizzle teen (begging for mercy)

p.s. hmm.. i picked up the jan/feb 1995 edition of _impact_ (hey, it's
free!!) and they thought that "snowsuit sound" was/is a
should-have-been-single.  if sloan were to release it, that would leave no
'mystery' of my alias to the general public.... and a lawsuit because i use
the name 'sizzle teen' !?... *gulp*