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MURDERcatalogue ...


    What's happening ? Hua mailed me about an email catalogue so I 
decided to post it to everyone. This is the verbose version so if you 
want the scaled down one or find any spelling mistakes :), drop me some




MUR001 SLOAN Peppermint ep (cd/cass)
Our first release by our illustrious leaders, the ep they were going to do on
their own when the man stepped in.

MUR002 ERIC'S TRIP Peter ep (cd/cass)
Their first release on CD. It was sent back twice by the mastering house
asking: "are you sure it's supposed to sound like that ?" I forgot what we said
but they went and signed to SUB-POP, and they weren't the last.

MUR003 HARDSHIP POST Hack ep (cd/cass)
Our first power trio release from "The Rock" Newfoundland. Rick White
(Eric's Trip) produced and recorded this ep in his basement, now they've signed
to SUP-POP too, go figure.

MUR004 THRUSH HERMIT Smart Bomb ep (cd/cass)
Although they will no doubt be playing arenas at some point, they're 
ready right now. Thrush Hermit's songs were meant to be heard at the 
biggest venue in where you're in section Z and you can barely see the stage but
your sure that they're talking directly to you.

MUR005 SLOAN/ERIC'S TRIP CKDU Benifit (7" single)
Sloan cover Eric's Trip (Stove/Smother) Hip Hop meets punk in a shopping mart,
and Eric's Trip cover Sloan (Laying Blame) ultimate pop meets dark angst in a 
basement, a benifit single for the only people that have supported our scene
forever - CKDU fm. Co-released with Sappy, Cinnamon Toast and
Cargo records.

MUR006 AL TUCK AND NO ACTION Arhoolie (cass. only)
Apparently Al cuts his hair every day. This is a tape celebrating friend's and 
associations, two months of wandering in and out of the studio late at night. 
".. Turkish coffee strong and addictive .. something you develop a thirst for .."

MUR007 HARDSHIP POST Why Don't You And I ... (7" single)
The perfect single. Sebastian came up with this great idea: lets use sandpaper
for the cover and five different ink stamps and call it 'why don't you and I smooth 
things over', then he went on tour. He was right it looks great but takes forever to 
put together. Second pressing comes in a flashy silver sleeve.

MUR008 AL TUCK AND NO ACTION Brave Last Days ep (cd/cass)
Al's first cd ep, the biggest complaint is that is that it is just too short. Edgy, 
folksy, dusty, Al and No Action kick back in lawn chairs to tell a story with one 
foot sunk ankle deep in Texas swamp while the other sits bare on the hot asphalt.

MUR009 STINKIN' RICH Stolen Bass (7" single)
Who you frontin' for ? b/w Chin music - Rich has the Seattle goatee beat by a mile.
Our first Hip Hop single with a style all its own. A hit at the Halifax Pop 
Explosion. It will take way more than a tooth-pick to get you out of these grooves.

MUR010 HIP CLUB GROOVE Trailer Park Hip Hop (cd/cass/12"vinyl)
While on tour they rented and broke a DAT tape and a few DAT players, they 
lost all their records, missed their big interviews, attacked various members of 
Sloan, and threatened to leave the tour prematurely. But their record is so good 
we don't mind. (They're going to hate whatever we say about them anyway).
The 12" vinyl sounds wicked and it has an extra track, Big Bad Stylee '91.

MUR011 SLOAN Twice Removed (12" vinyl)
Although we fully expect critics everywhere to be looking back at this LP ten years 
now from wishing people were still making records like this one, don't wait until
then to order your copy. In fact everyone should own one copy to wear out playing 
over and over, and one copy to keep in the plastic to sell to those critics in ten years 
at an overblown price.

MUR012 SUPER FRIENDZ By Request (7" single)
Our new Beatles. Get you copy before we get sued by Marvel Comics for 
copyright infringement and they freeze the remaining singles until we come up 
with a million bucks which we won't have until their full-length records start selling.

MUR013 LOCAL RABBITS Put On Your Snowsuit You're Going To Hell (7" single)
One side of electronic amplification, one side delta blues. So far there's no talk of 
fusing the two. Let's just say, if they try to, we'll drop them before you say "West 
Island rockers'.

MUR014 SLOAN Stood Up/Same Old Flame (7" single)
2 new songs recorder over the holidays on Chris' 4-track in jale's practice space.

MUR015 STINKIN' RICH Game Tight (cass. only)
This baseball enthusiast is being scouted again only this time it's not the Yankees, 
it's the record companies. But we've got him right here at Murderecords. The 
Buck65 is back to kick up a stink.

MUR016 THRUSH HERMIT Great Pacific Ocean (cd/cass/12" pic. disc)
In stores May 10th. 

     Super Friendz "Mock Up, Scale Down" full length cd/cass - 6th of June
     jale "Closed" ep (cd/cass) - Mid. July.


A. Sloan MOTOX style, black on yellow, long sleeve.
B. Al Tuck guitar logo, yellow on brick, short sleeve.                
C. Eric's Trip Stereo mountain, green on white, short sleeve.	
D. Sloan drummer design, white on black, short sleeve.	
E. Hip Club Groove cartoon, blue on white, short sleeve.	             
F. Murderecords (back) Logo (front), white on green.
All shirts are $18 with the exception of the MOTOX at $35 and the 
Murderecords tees which are $17. All T-shirts are 100% cotton. Subtract $1.00
for each additional T-shirt you order. 

Ordering Information

All prices include include postage. At this point we only accept money orders 
and personal cheques. If your sending a cheque expect a delay of a couple of 
weeks. Sorry but they take a little more time to process. American orders in
U.S. dollars. Be sure to list alternates in case we run out of anything. Nova
Scotia residents add 11% sales tax.

Cd		$12.98		12" vinyl		$12.00	
Cass.		$8.98		Picturedisc 	$14.00
7" vinyl		$5.50	

MURDERecords Box 2372 Halifax Central Halifax N.S. B3J 3E4 Canada. 
e-mail: murder\!/ra.isisnet.com