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Re: Sloan's ripped off...

 I was just listening to my handy dandy Nirvana album
>and discovered that the chords (riffs? I don't know what you
>call them) from "Smells like Teen Spirit" sound an awful lot
>like those from "Deeper than Beauty".
>     I kid you not; go listen to it!
>                                    Shanan

        That would tend to explain why some local punk rockers here in,
ahem, Illinois have knelt respectively to that song.  Y'know, there's a
song by a band called "Such a Crime" by the Rag Dolls ca. 1982 or so (I
think) that reminds me a lot of "Deeper than Beauty" cause it ends in a lot
of Sloanyesque "La La La" etc... and the vocal sounds like whoever sings on
that song ("Deeper...").  The Rag Dolls had Dave Kusworth in the band,
which brings me to this:  Are there any Jacobites or dB's fans on the
SloanNet?  They seem like they might be at least a little bit
        And did anyone else think the cover of Twice Removed looked like
the Only Ones with two Peter Perrets?