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Jim Carroll Primer...

On Sun, 30 Apr 1995, Carol Nishitoba wrote:
> second.. anyone check out the may edition of _impact_ magazine yet?  in the
> column 'the back page bitch', there are a bunch of 'canadian musical
> equations'.  here's an interesting one...
> 	jim carroll
> 	-------------   X  4 = sloan  
> 	motorhead
> um... who is jim carroll?  who are motorhead?

Well seeing as the motorhead was jumped upon immediately, i will try to 
clean up with the jim carroll.  He is one of my fave 70's 
writers/musicians, and he's due for a pop resurgence about any time now 
as his most famous work -- "the basketball diaries" has just been made into 
a big film with whozit dicaprio in the leading role.

He was one of those new york outcast, counter culture types who hung out 
with the likes of patti smith and lou reed.  He also had some connexions 
to the ageing beat poets like john giorno, w.s.burroughs, and allen 
ginsberg, if not in actual hanging out at least in influence.  

His spoken word stuff is pretty twisted and he has a strung out, kind of 
nervous voice.  His most available stuff is readings from the basketball 
diaries -- which were his actual diaries as a young teenager, and deal 
with coming-of-age stories which are creepy and real.  He also has some 
stuff about heroin and addiction which is alternatively scary and funny.

His rock and roll is chees-o-wicked.  My favorite album is Catholic 
Boy on which my favorite song is People Who Died.  It is pretty straight 
forward rock and roll type stuff a few chords, simple, but more edgy, at 
least in the content, than a lot of the 'rock' stuff going on then 
(1980). It isn't 'punk'.  I am terribly guilty of overplaying this record 
on the radio, it is one of my favorites.  

I think that is enough babbling about one of my faves.  I'm not sure what 
the sloan connexion there might be...maybe the attitude of jim carrol 
divided by lemmy multiplied by 4 as there are four members in the band, 
but, hmmm...  I'm lost, any takers?


Mike N.

still stuck in the 70's record bin.