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Re: umm.. sloan? (how's that for a subject!)

On Sun, 30 Apr 1995, Carol Nishitoba wrote:

> second.. anyone check out the may edition of _impact_ magazine yet?  in the
> column 'the back page bitch', there are a bunch of 'canadian musical
> equations'.  here's an interesting one...
> 	jim carroll
> 	-------------   X  4 = sloan  
> 	motorhead
> um... who is jim carroll?  who are motorhead?

	Who are Motorhead?  Who are Motorhead?!?  I can understand not 
knowing who jim carroll is (I have no idea who he is) but how can you not be 
aware of one of the "founders" of thrash?  (Never heard of Lemmy?)  

I must agree with a previous poster that the Thrush Hermit gig on 
Saturday night was one of the best I have seen in a while.  An absolutely 
rockin' version of pink is the colour for the encore.  I still think that 
all the smokers in these places should be placed in a airtight plexiglass 
booth, so the only people's clothes that stink afterward and the only 
people's eyes that get all bloodshot and irritated are their own.

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