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Re: JAy Ferguson is two rock stars

Yeah I was at this crap north end pawn/record shop last summer and there 
were at least twelve different Jay Ferguson records, and Jay is this 
total sleez-o with at least six girlies on each arm, too funny, I think 
Jay would _love_ to see one of these (if he hasn't already). 

And to save a second post, let me be the first to say that Thrush Hermit 
rocked with a vengence last night at the Oasis, they are sooo AM rock now 
it's funny, blazing two fisted guitar riffs, joel's dancing definately 
increased the goofiness of the show, definate rock masters with their 20 
minute intermission and an encore that was a speeded up and slowed down 
pink is the color, the main part was punk rock fast and the breakdown at 
the end was soooo slow, hopefully the upcoming tour will do well for them 
cause I have been that the down south american experience doesn't include 
loud unadulterated sissy-boy rock. But I think they'll do just fine. Oh 
well this post kinda dragged on a bit, sorry kids.

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On Sun, 30 Apr 1995, Tara da Costa wrote:

> hellloooo kids :) :) :)
> just thought i'd share this sloanny anecdote..
> So we were sitting in my living room a couple of weeks ago, watching
> something really fun on tv like the PBS telethon. My friend Jil suggests,
> 'let's watch Gleaming The Cube!' so we slip in this ancient copy of this
> old-school skater-flick-with-a-plot, Gleaming The Cube. (with christian
> slater when he's like 18 or something ..)
> watching the credits...music by: Jay Ferguson.
> i was killing myself laughing. it was really weird, cos id been so
> obsessed with that movie like five years ago. i watched it every day. 
> and the music was just rich. it was like 'wooooahhhhoooah, gleamin' ths cube!'
> and it sounded like tom cochrane. :)
> so i guess that 'Jay Ferguson' - 'White Noise' record or whatever on the
> 2nd sloan mailout was for real.. :) :)
> SPEAKING of which, adam and i are wondering what the HELL is the deal with
> the tourbook1? is it a joke or what? how come nobody ever talks about it?
> too weird...
> anyways, see y'all later! :)
> love,tara :) :) :)
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> "The smile that you send out...
>    returns to you." :)
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