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State Chumps/Chimps/Champs - you be the judge!

Hi to everyone *new* on the list and especially to the old lurkers... :)

According to listmanagerboy and some guy at murderecords (ha ha...) State 
Champs, those hot indie rock studs, are playing at the Oasis on Saturday, 
May 6 with Moncton's Thee Suddens. Hmmm, this might be your last chance 
to see them before their new single comes out, they get picked up by 
Atlantic, and sell out. :)

Rumor has it that the entire contingent of the Drew Yamada fan club will 
be there in person. She is often wearing blue coloured clothing, so she's 
easy to spot. 

five days and counting til I go to Hell and Darkness,
"I know you will soon / fall out of the sky..." 
                         - Airplane, Thrush Hermit