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Sloan web sites?

 Hey there,
    I'm now officially a world wide web site browser! Yay!
   I went exploring...found the CFNY home page...eventually 
came to DGC's page (which is http://www.iuma.com/DGC/ , and 
lets you hear bits of songs from bands, etc)...and lo and
behold, Sloan was there!   You could hear a 60 second sample 
from Penpals, and I *think* get info and maybe a picture,
too, on the band, but either my computer is screwed or the
address for it is no longer valid, b/c I couldn't access it.
  Anyone know of any other web sites that might be of inter-

     And where are all the postings today? James Covey said 
there were like 152 subscribers...I've been turning my
computer on and off all day and have seen practically
nothing of substance (actually I've pretty much seen
*nothing* at all)  Not that this posting of mine is going to 
inspire anyone, either, but...
                              Lethargically yours,   :)