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Les Amis update...yay!!

Hey everybody...

Wow I am in such high spirits now! My grandmother just brought all of my 
mail over to me and wow, lotsa sloan related mail! For those new to the 
list, Les Amis refers to "les amis du sloan", a compilation tape (well, 
two volumes really) of sloan net bands covering sloan songs that tara da 
costa and I stupidly decided to do. :) You can purchase these tapes for 
your very own for only $6 each! Email us for details.

I got the first Les Amis cover tune today, a LOVELY version of 
"lemonzinger" as performed by the Fouret String Quartet. It made me weep. 
Now hurry up you slaquers ;) and get your music in to (shut up andrew) me 
so I can bring it to halifax with me. :)

I've received cash or cheques from the following:

Carol Nishitoba (thanks for the "hugs" and "kisses"!! :) )
Sylva Donaldson
John Butland
Shawn Stackhouse
Stever Dinn, esq. ;)
Darryll Hobson
Tom Sessler             For a grand total of $66. :) 
Gabrielle Giattino
Nina Riihiaho
Barbara Yamazaki
Natalie Foong

Keep sending in the money. My grandmother is getting such a kick out of 
reading the return addresses. :) Ya gotta love her...

Thanks to everyone for your nice letters and for all the little goodies 
you keep sending, too. :) You're all so nice. :) :) :)

If you live in Hell or Darkness and have not sent me your tape yet, you 
can always give it to me there, I suppose. See y'all in a week! :)

Tara Lee Wittchen, Les Amis Du Sloan volume II girl

ps/ zines have been mailed to tammi, yan, tara da costa, and nina (number 
two and / or three). (Joey Joey I mean...)

ps/ hugs go out to hugh because he's such a hard worker. :)
"I know you will soon / fall out of the sky..." 
                         - Airplane, Thrush Hermit