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Plumtree-Zumpano show

On Wed, 26 Apr 1995, James R. Covey wrote:

> well, here i am sick at home with a nasty 
> cold, and i can't go see zumpano-plumtree
> tonight.  i really hope that someone will
> be nice enough to post a review so i will
> at least have some idea of how things went.

Sorry to hear about your viral infection :), James.

The PlumTree-Zumpano thing was definately worth the $4 cover charge.  
When plumtree started their set, I was on the other side playing pool, so 
I missed the first song but after I got there they played most of the 
songs from 'Futterboard' :) and some new songs (some of which didn't as 
yet have names, as they pointed out) which were pretty rockin'.  I'll 
never get tired of hearing 'Good time to tell me' though.

The only thing that I have from Zumpano is their 'Wraparound Shades' 
SubPop single (the one with the smiling fire truck on the front) so I 
can't really comment on their songs.  Although, now I kinda want to buy 
their album so maybe that says something.  If anyone has never heard 
Zumpano before, the fact that Plumtree was a *great* choice to open for 
them should tell you something.  They were really poppy and gesticular. 
The guy on keyboards kept switching to his guitar and back to keyboards 
again.  The bassist reminded me of Robert Plant as a lounge singer 
(Thanks to Shant, who pointed out the resemblance).

Can't wait for Hardship post next week!! :)

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