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tara l w told us that.. 

> a phone call...) Thrush Hermit is releasing a 7'' on Bongload records 
> soon. They're supposed to be touring ASAP in Ontario.

and, from what've heard, they'll soon be releasing a 7" on genius as 
well. :)

p hampus e

ps.	 *no sloan content whatsoever*
	 um, why was it that the team canada goalie corey hirch was sooking 
	big-time, wearing sun glasses in rainy weather and threattening to sue 
	sweden post on swedish national tv the other day? 
	 sweden post have made a stamp picturing the final penalty shot from the 
	sweden vs canada gold-game from the lillehammer-94 olympics. peter 
	forsberg, already named canadaian goalie, a puck and a goal all had the 
	honour to be pictured on the stamp. 
	 corey *was not* pleased. the puck was behind him. in the goal.
	 there was no way i could've made myslelf not laugh out loud.  
	corey looked and acted *exactly* like one of them *real cool* rock'n 
	roll stars! corey rules! :) :) :) :) :) 

pps.	hey yan, 
	swedish girls just love to hear sloansongs played 
	acoustically belov their balconies. ;) 
 	multiplied 'thank you's!