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come see us

I know they are not from Eastern Canada.  I know I'm not from Eastern 
Canada (but my Mom is).  I know most of the dates aren't in Eastern 
Canada.  However, I would still like for all of you in Halifax, Montreal, 
Ottawa and Toronto to come see Zumpano (and me).  I join the tour, 
already in progress, the day after the Halifax show.  Make sure you come 
and say hi.

tonight April 26 Birdland, Halifax
        April 28 Cafe Campus, Montreal
        April 29 Zaphod's, Ottawa
        April 30 Sneaky Dee's, Toronto

And for those of you in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Hoboken, 
Boston, Providence and Northampton, that's where we're headed next.  Most 
of those dates are with Velocity Girl.  Both Velocity Girl and Zumpano 
have visited the Maritimes many many times, which is more than most bands 
have done.