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I'd like to thank my parents, God, Warner Records....

Hi all...

This is a brief public announcement for the launching of my second and 
third issues of my stupid sloan fanzine, Joey Joey. Yes, second and third 
because I'm really slack and ended up taking a lot of junk out of #2 and 
making it into a third issue. :)

Anyway, most of you already know about it via sloan net. I just wanted to 
let you know that you can get a copy of it by writing to me at:

P.O. Box 29057
Halifax Shopping Centre
Halifax, Nova Scotia      *you _should_ chip in a few bucks for it
B3L 4T8                    unless we've made previous arrangements.. :)

The most important part of this message is that each of you listed above 
has been mentioned in this zine, so wow, why not get some copies to show 
to your friends and prove just how cool you really are? :)

btw, I am losing email access from May 7 til about May 26 and then from 
May 28 til June 12 or so. Just so you know. My account will still be 
here, but I won't be able to check it. You can always write me snail mail 
at the same address (if James doesn't kill me). :) :)

anyway, there. You've had your fifteen minutes of fame. Happy now? :)
If I don't have your snailmail addresses for the summer, please email me 
with them before May 2 so I can send you many happy postcards from the 
East Coast, unless of course you live there, and in that case make sure 
to send me your phone number so I can call you.

Tara Lee Wittchen, official spokesmodel for Joey Joey Enterprises

+  tried to think of what to say  +
+         and how to know         +
+  i tried to find the energy to  +
+        to leave the show        +
+     slow me up i wanna know     +
+      face reality  i won't      +
+      FLOAT     ERIC'S TRIP      +