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POPSCENE #2 is done!...huh?

Hey, My name is Hua, and I do a little zine called POPSCENE here in li'l 
old California.  If anyone wants a copy, I'd be more than glad to get you 
one.  It features:
-an interview with part of CINDY
-Yan Raymond's trip to Halifax
-a few local gigs
-about, like, 20 pages of reviews
-beautiful portrait of our school assistant principal holding a comb
-funny stories, recipes, etc.
-a tear-wrenching, heart-gutting story about SLOAN
just give it a try!
it was my difficult second issue, three years in the making!  Please just 
feign some interest...nobody around here cares.  Just get in touch wit' 
me...satisfaction guaranteed!
                                        --desperate in les etats unis---

10480 Imperial Ave.
Cupertino, CA 95014

hua\!/wile.thetech.org (Hua Hsu)
The Tech BBS  +1 408 279 7199  San Jose, CA