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Re: two great gigs in a row

the first change of heart show was good...but the second show on saturday 
night was just fucking incredible!!! i'd go as far as to say the best 
show i've seen all year...and i've seen a few.
it was incredible...it just seemed that within the first few minutes of 
the first song i could tell that the show would be ten times better than 
the night before! they didn't slow down all night, and i thought i was 
going to have a heart attack within the first 20 minutes from having so 
much fun!!! i'd like to know where the hell they get their energy! they 
fed off of the audience all night! shouts of "fuckin' rock'n'roll" came 
every five or ten minutes and seemed to keep fueling the fire. at one 
point, my friend aaron petrie yelled "it's SPINAL TAP!", only to get a 
response of "no man....YOU are spanal tap, man....YOU are!!!" from ian 
blurton they played a good 85-90% of the new album "tummysuckle" and a 
few from "smile". i think the show went on about 2 hours+, and they 
played about 90 minutes without an encore! when they played their encore, 
they STILL kept playing high energy songs and jumped around all over the  
place! i was, needless to say, amazed by the show! their albums don't even 
BEGIN to show what they can do live.

as for coyote, i got there that evening thinking i'd already missed 
them...but i hadn't. they (as james has also said) really are getting 
better and better everytime i see them. it's to the point where i 
recognize most of the songs they play. saturday night, instead of the 
guitar strap breaking, his bottom "e" string broke...and if you've seen 
coyote play, you may notice that that's one of the most important strings 
in chris' playing style. needless to say, he managed to pull through the 
last song anyway. great show, and they just keep getting better and 
better as i said. i can't wait for the cd either!