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this week on MuchEast

For those of you who forget about it until after the first round is over...
(you can still catch it at 2 am AST, 10 pm PST)

sandbox --- Bla!!!!! :(

spine - oh those posers again... ;)
listmanagerboy, former listmanagerboy, and jimweed, all together bein' 
famous and showin' off their new corporate logo. Sellouts. :)

junk      = as usual (I think mucheast has a 50% shitcon rule...)

Blackpool video for "days and days!!"   BWAAAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!
check out Chris Murphy - hickboy!:)

Anyway, it was totally cool to see four of the sloan nettin' kids on 
national TV. :)  Although I always pictured David Ledden with long hair. 
heh heh...

Tara, the girl with a date with a photocopier.

: "change the colour of your hair :
:    be PunK RocK if you dare"    :
:                                 :
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