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my Sloany moments in Calgary

 Well, I just got back from a little weekend jaunt to
Calgary w/ the 'rents...nice place.  When we got there my
sister and I were standing around in the airport and who
should they call over the intercom to come to some appointed 
destination but Chris Murphy!  Now I realize that it
probably was _not_ who I thought it might be, but hey, I'll 
admit I got a little excited nevertheless.
    ..and then we drove up to Chateau Lake Louise (gorgeous) 
and our waiter was from Halifax, and apparently went to
school w/ a couple guys from the band.
    ...and THEN I was trying desperately to find a good
radio station, and turned to QR77 (or somethin' similar to
that) and caught a Dr. Laura ad (if anyone heard the
interview Sloan did on CFNY before their Warehouse show on
Feb 24th, they started talking about this chick Dr. Laura
who has her own radio show and is "this fascist maniac w/
all this advice about your lovelife", according to Chris.
Nobody here in TO had heard of her...but there ya go).
       Sorry for the lack of brevity and relevance in this
post; none of my friends are home and I need to talk to
SOMEONE!          Shanan