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I tried to blow my car speakers out

Decided tonight to listen to Sloan on realtime in my favorite listening
enviornment, my car....I started out a moderate listening level but when
"coax me" came on I had to turn it up a bit, "take it in" a little
more....."snowsuit sound"  well it was getting kinda loud & then  " American
ruse"  Well, I flipped.....I found I was driving down a two-lane road at
about  80 mph(140k/h to the metric audience) thinking that I could have been
at that show.....Damn!
 I didn't know that the boys were into the MC5....I'm probably the oldest
buzzard on this list&I used to see the 5 play that song.I must say that I
just heard an excellent rendering of one of my fave MC5 songs.....
I'm now DEFINATELY going to see Sloan live, even if I have to wait for
edgefest( Hope thay play Windsor or Detroit before then though) 
If any of you are at a show & see a grizzly old fart, say Hi! It's probably
R Baker