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Believe It!!!! JOEY JOEY numba two and three

I swear to God, Tara Da Costa and I *don't* plan these things, but anyway...

Yes, finally JOEY JOEY #2 _and_ #3 are ready. Yet another sloan/east 
coast/canadian indie fanzine. :) It's bordering on x-files material, but 
I actually stayed up all night last night, too, finishing my zines. 
*weird* :) :)

The reason it took so long is #2 was just getting huger and huger (more 
huge? aw, who cares...) and finally I realized last week I'd never be 
able to staple 4 million pages. So I made a new cover, changed a few 
things, and voila, two new issues! Yay!

Number two has:

treble charger - lotsa photos, five pages of "information"
the sweaters
rosco pecoe
sky suspended
state champs - wicked photos of the "band", too
eric's trip, sorta 

special "guest" appearances by My Bloody Valentine, Material Issue, 
Hardship Post, Thrush Hermit, Elastica, Nation of Ulysses.

OH...and of course, tonnes of SLOAN stuff. It's *really* obsessive this 
time around. :) Plus the rest of that really boring Chris Murphy 
interview, all million pages (geez, he sure talks a lot...) :)

Number two also features a WICKED cover photo of said Murphy boy that has 
to be seen to be believed. It's 58 pages long. 

And now, number three....another WICKED cover photo, this time of Jay 
Ferguson being the hot rock star that he is.

This issue features all the junk that didn't quite fit in number 2, plus 
some extra tasty treats. Examples?

You finally get to see what Tara Da Costa (!) looks like, some garbage on 
KISS if you can believe it, a snazzy cartoon about someone in sloan 
getting beaten up by a freakish My bloody valentine fan (yes really), 
advice from *other* members of sloan (we declined murphy's advice 
after what happened with his advice in number 1 - hee hee), guitar "lessons", 
recipes, laura borealis art stuff. 

Plus murderecords and cinnamon toast updates, info on your favorite new
record labels Zedd, Endearing, and Kelp, a new travel update (MONTANA!!),
travel games, the unofficial sloan net song, a dumb story, an indie cred
challenge between patrick pentland, chris murphy and some loser chick, and
stuff on Stinkin' Rich. 

OHHHHH....and the wickedest contest ever! You could win free superfriendz 
and murderecords junk!! :)  Number 3 is only 30 pages long. So just 
imagine how big number 2 *would* have been (you do the math...)

So....how do you get one or both of these sick "over the top" zines? Easy 
as pie. I'm bringing them all down East with me, so if you live in New 
Brunswick or Nova Scotia, you can probably just buy 'em off me while I'm 
down there. However, if you don't live there, you might want to mail me 
some money and I'll send em off. I'm going to use the Daydream Records 
address until the end of June. 

c/o Daydream Records dreamdate girl Tara Lee ;)
P.O. Box 29057
Halifax Shopping Centre
Halifax, NS                 [while yr at it, why not order the
B3L 4T8                      new State champs 7'', _nevada downs_?]

Let's say you send me...$4 for one, $6 for two. Or send what you can. If 
you really can't afford $4 or $6, then you can just send what you can, 
but be honest. I'd love for everyone to have fun with this zine, but I 
honestly won't be able to put out anymore if people don't chip in a bit. 
If you have any contributions, or if you mail me after the end of 
June to order them, mail me at my permanent calgary address:

2444-44 Street, S.E.
Calgary, AB
T2B 1J6

You can also place orders through Ceasefire Collective which carries all 
three issues.

Ceasefire Collective
PO Box 23062                  [while yr at it, ask for the ceasefire
Connaught Postal Outlet         catalogue, lotsa nifty indie pop/punk
Calgary AB                      stuff for ya!]
T2S 3B1

Cheques and money orders should be made out to Tara Wittchen, and cash is 
always wicked, but PLEASE hide it well! :) I'm always up for trades, for 
tapes of east coast stuff, other zines, etc. Check with me about that.

For anyone who ordered number one and actually sent me money but never 
recieved one, please email me as soon as possible. I *think* I sent out 
all of them, but I might have missed one or two of you. 

People who get number two automatically because of previous arrangements 
(ie/ don't worry about sending me cashola)

Marc Brown
James Covey
Tara Da Costa
Yan Raymond
Mike Catano
Nina Riihiaho
Shant Lee Pelley
Katrina Grentz
Darryll Hobson
Jon Bartlett
Heather Harkins

However, numba three is a different story. Marc, Tara, and James get 
number three for their undying love and devotion to me, but the rest of 
you, I might have to ask for a little bit o' cash.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, I hope to hear from all of you. I wanted 
to let you all know before school gets out. Pass on this message to any 
sloan freaks you know, too, thanks.

Buy Fuhfiction, too!!! It's the BEST sloan fanzine EVER!!!! It's a fact. :)

the OTHER Tara with the OTHER sloan fanzine who lives in Calgary but 
won't be here much after May 3. :)

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:    be PunK RocK if you dare"    :
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