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ffiction number three

hi kidz :)

we just finished the spring issue of the zine last night at 3:30 am.
i should have copies this weeekend.
for anyone who doesnt know, this is a little sloan zine that we put out
every once and a while..its pretty nuts but its all in fun. :)
issue #3 's got stuff like:
-a sloan interview
-a jale interview
-a hip club groove interview
- a radioblaster interview
- 2 different sloan cartoons
-a bit on endearing records
-a superfriends spotlite
-an eric's trip discography
-an easter cream egg thing
-a cheese grater story
-this crazy sloan picture story kinda thing
-recipes (for cream eggs, cheese loaf, and chris murphy's mom's fish soup)
-a Star Wars book review
-a write-up on New Mexico
-freaking fish everywhere

and other assorted junk as usual...its about 47 pages long or something.

e-mail me or whatever.

its $2 (damn postage) by mail but if i bump into you on the street its
freee. :)

1501 roberval Avenue.
orleans, ontario.
K4A 2C4

 boy i know its like everyones asking for soo much money all the time and
it sucks. it'd be totally free if things were my way. grrr canada post.
well, thanks for reading.

ps...thanks to all you wonderful wonderful kids who've been ordering LES
AMIS.. vol. I. [rob page and steve dinn, i got yr $$ today but i dont have
yr e-mails..thanks!!] it looks like mid-summer you'll all get your
tapes. :) :)

thanks again. :) :)

all my love and then some,
tara. :)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom