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There is far too much halifax in calgary...

Well, here's a little story for ya...

So I'm on this *hot* "date" with my friend Jason. We went down to the 
republik to go see Huevos Rancheros and the Real MacKenzies.  As this 
opening band plays (I dunno know their name...) this guy taps me on the 
shoulder. I thought he wanted me to move out of the way, but no, it turns 
out he wants to talk to me. Ask Marc Brown how well I react to this sort 
of thing. :)  

This guy asks me if I am from Halifax and points to my tshirt which is 
indeed the murderecords tee. I shake my head and confess I've not been 
there since 1976. :)  We get to talking and he explains that he came out 
here from Halifax last fall and bla bla bla. 

He asks me if I have friends or family out there after I explain that yes, 
in two weeks I will be there. We began to compare names of people we
 knew. I ask him if he knew Todd Calder from Trike/Quahogs/System 
Overload :) and he nods. I explain Todd is actually here in Calgary.
He laughs and then we start to talk about the "out of the fog too" compilation
which as you all know :) the quahogs did NOT play on. Names tossed around
that may be familiar to all on this list included Patrick Pentland, 
Cliff Gibb, and Peter Rowan. He knew the kids from Essen, too.;)

Anyway, it turns out this guy is actually the drummer from Donner Party 
Reunion. I just *laughed* when I heard that. :)

I return to my *hot* "date" and watch the end of the set. During the final 
song, the singer announces who's who in the band and where they are from. 
Get this....4 out of 6 of them were from Halifax. If you had seen this 
band you would probably understand my next statement a little more 
clearly. Not all things East Coast are good. ;) Well, then again, the purple 
helmets already proved that.

Oh...and I got scotch whiskey tossed onto my shiny new cords thanks to 
the Real MacKenzies. Wahooo! 

a wee lassie, Tara MacWittchen

Ps/ Obviously the date didn't end the way it should have or I wouldn't be 
up at 2:15 am posting to sloan net. ;)  tee hee...

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