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Re: Sloan's ripped off... (fwd)

Oh my god, I fell out of my chair reading this one. Andrew, this one was 
simply too good to NOT share with Sloan Net!! (well, imho...)

:) :)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
}You know what? Criss wrote "underwhelmed" in something like 1987 cause 
}when I tried to accuse him of riding on Nirvana's big wave o' stardom 
}from the line "and I said nevermind" from Underwhelmed (thanks tdc for 
}puttin' him on the spot for me!!) he got all defensive and shakey ;) and 
}blurted out "hey, I wrote Underwhelmed in like 1987 or something"...
}Nirvana - America's answer to Sloan?

Actually, Nirvana stole a bunch of Chris' fan letters back in '89, and...

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