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Well since its the end of the school year, its my final post. It's been a 
lot of fun and I've made some wonderful new friends, thanks James! 
Anyway, everyone has been great and I hope to meet you someday soon.
STATE CHAMPS "nevada downs" 7'
release date (May ??? early)
songs:"Teen Circuit" + "Revolt Into Style"   (A)
      "Gaited Dancer" + "Broadcasting Features"   (B)
on James, Jim, and Tara's Daydream Label
ask James for more info or jonand mike
also...hopefully if we get our acts together we will have a full length 
cassette out in May too.
Featuring most of the hits:"Club International","Nevada Downs", "Teen 
Circuit", "She's A struggle", "Kempton Park Stakes", "Swinger Theory", 
"Snake Sermon", etc,etc,etc. But em up. Later, Mark Gretz aka wayner