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Re: Sloan's ripped off...

On Mon, 17 Apr 1995, Todd Fletcher wrote:

>         That would tend to explain why some local punk rockers here in,

hahahahaaa! no good punks, up to *trouble* as always...

> ahem, Illinois have knelt respectively to that song.  Y'know, there's a
> song by a band called "Such a Crime" by the Rag Dolls ca. 1982 or so (I
> think) that reminds me a lot of "Deeper than Beauty" cause it ends in a lot

Hey...and then there's that line "what makes a man commit crimes..." in 
"Deeper Than Beauty" that just ties it all so much closer together. And 
don't those losers in Sloan have a song called "Rag Doll" or something? ;-)
They just can't come up with *any* original ideas. :)

> SloanNet?  They seem like they might be at least a little bit
> Sloan-related.

Slightly. :)

>         And did anyone else think the cover of Twice Removed looked like
> the Only Ones with two Peter Perrets?

It looks like the Doors, some other hot punk band I heard about. ;-)
They're supposed to be the next Nirvana. Oh..wait, that's Sloan.

all in fun,

ps/ So did *everyone* see listmanagerboy on MuchEast in the jale video? 
What a dancin' fool...gee, you'd think his parents would be too 
embarrassed to let him live in the same house. :)
(Round Two, throw the judge to the sharks...)