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Re: ripoffs?

> Hey, any Haligonians know any of the other ECB who appeared on that 
> Maximum Louie Louie programme???

Yeah, there were a whole lot in on it, but I can't remember most of them
(I missed it when they played it on la radio.  damn).  I know for sure that
PlumTree and Horn of Plenti appeared.  I have this funny feeling that one
of the local rap-type-guys did a version too, like stinkin rich or someone,
but hell i may have been dreaming.   I know I was dreaming when I saw some
guy with one hell of goatee up on stage with Coyote a few weeks ago.  My
exams suck much worse than your guys'.  Fermions are nicer than bosons.
I don't think Penpals and Underarmed sound all that alike. Okay mabye 
"I know you'll find this letter strange I know it's not cause I looked it 
up" yeah I can see it.  When I write songs I find out that I accidentally
rip off really cheesy bands like the time I unintentionally rewrote Hotel
California.  It's embarrassing.  

Non-sequiturly yours,

roderick aFFleck


It gets all crappy from here on.