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Sloan are NOT ripoffs!

ok even though you people may be kidding with all of this sloan ripoff
talk i don't think it's really fair... just because a song may sound
like another song (even if it sounds a LOT like another song) it doesn't
necessarily mean it was ripped off!

f'rinstance ;)

a few years ago when i knew nothing of eric's trip i made up this chord
progression i kind of liked. so i showed it to my friend and right after
i played it he goes "THAT'S FRAMe!" and of course i didn't know what he
was talkinag bout but he playe the CD for me and i had "made up" the
exact same chords, even the same frets!

I have also "made up" riffs from 21st century digital boy by Bad
Religion about 3 times <g> (i'm not even a fan of them, but it just
seems every onc ein a while i show my frend a riff and he goes "uh,
thats 21st century digital boy again" and it really pisses me off)

Sooooooo just a little ranting and raving from me.....