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Re: Sloan are NOT ripoffs!

On Mon, 17 Apr 1995 novacain\!/canada.com wrote:
> ok even though you people may be kidding with all of this sloan ripoff
> talk i don't think it's really fair... just because a song may sound

Just to clarify, almost everytime I've ever talked to Chris Murphy he will 
talk about a sloan song and then tell me what song it is that he or Jay or 
whomever wrote the song ripped it off from. So blame him for these ripoff 
rumors. :) Sloan even rip themselves off, as the case is with their new 
single "Stood Up". :) :)  (It *does* sound like `One Professional Care' 
near the end) 

The cool thing about them is that at least they can admit when they rip things
off and have a good sense of humor about the whole thing. Unlike say...
the Offspring.

tee hee...