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Re: ripoffs?

On Mon, 17 Apr 1995, Darryll Sendsme HardshipPostsongs Hobson wrote:

re: Men Without Hats "sideways" and Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" 
which were both referred to while discussing yet more Sloan ripoffs...

> from what I understood, they were both independent ripoff's of the old
> classic "Louie louie"...  it's SUPPOSEDLY a coincidence that the Nirvana
> and Men Without Hats songs sound so similar.

Speaking of...has anyone heard the State Champs version of "Louie 
Louie"?? Oh my god...keyboards galore. You think you know that song, 
well, you've never *really* heard it until you've heard Mark and Mike and 
Jon and hmmm, I wonder if Andy was on it, completely twist it inside out.

Hey, any Haligonians know any of the other ECB who appeared on that 
Maximum Louie Louie programme???