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Re: ripoffs?

While we're talking about ripoff's...  as anyone noticed the AMAZING
similarity between Jale's "I'm Sorry" and Smashing Pumpkin's "Whir"...  

especially the way the two songs end..  

>On Mon, 17 Apr 1995, Brian Wieser wrote:
>> actually, if you listen _really_ closely to "smells.." you'll notice that
>> it
>> sounds almost exactly like Men Without Hats' "Sideways," just in a minor
>> key...
>> kurdt cobain had his canadian influences it appears...:)
>> later
>> brian
>and then you can look at the release dates on the two albums and see that 
>nevermind came out about a year before "sideways".

from what I understood, they were both independent ripoff's of the old
classic "Louie louie"...  it's SUPPOSEDLY a coincidence that the Nirvana
and Men Without Hats songs sound so similar.

well hey
gotta go