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Re: Et 7" (was RE: moonsocket)

>On Mon, 17 Apr 1995, James R. Covey wrote:
>> nope, i'm thinking of the "belong" 7", doesn't it just say
>> "eric's trip" on front?  

adam wrote:

>ok ok, you are right, it does just say "eric'e trip" on the front,
>but I have always heard it referred to as "Belong 7"", cuz
>just saying "Eric's Trip 7"" is a little vague(one reason I hate
>selt titled albums).  

>anyways, there are actually TWO pressing of
>that single, both of 500. It is a Disques NIM Records release and
>both pressings are sold out. The first pressing has eric(with wings??)
>in the centre with "Eric's Trip" behind her, and the second pressing
>has eric kinda swirling around in a vortex(fancy word for TLW, 
>meaning whirlpool:) with "Eric's Trip" written behind her.
>If they are planning another pressing of this, it would be quite 
isn't it also a sappy release?
i don't know, i don't have all the ET seven-inchers.
you may remember that i posted some time ago on sloan net
to the effect that the entire sappy catalogue was being
re-pressed.  i'm kinda hoping the "belong" 7" will be
included in that.  i guess at this point we should be
asking about that on the eric's trip list.


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