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Why i'm losing faith in Newfoundland.....


    I'm really beginning to think that people are right about not giving 
a fuck about Newfoundlands music scene.  Maybe someone can convince me that 
i'm wrong and they're perfectly welcome to try. (Can't make no promises....)
    I've always had a certain respect for the Newf. music scene, and I 
think that for a long time it was quite a vital and exciting bunch of 
bands, but now it seems like they're content to be cool around the 
downtown area and wallow in their "holier than thou"-rockstar-shit.  
Noone seems to be willing to help out the smaller bands when they reach a 
certain status themselves.  I'll be the last one to say that there's no 
good music coming out of St. Johns, because I think they'res some definite 
talent and originality lurking around here, but alot of the bands aren't 
willing to put the effort of getting themselves known out beyond Nfld.. 
This would be fine, if they were content with this position but many will 
complain about not being given the chance "just because we're from Nfld."
     The ego of downtown St. Johns has taken on mammoth proportions and I
don't think anyone who wants to be accepted into this muck realizes this.
Basically the water is running so slow here it's getting stagnant.  The
subtle back-stabbing of bands that aren't part of this "cool, right-on" 
attitude runs rampant and instead of working together, the mentality 
seems to be one of "My band and my friends are going to make it and 
we're going to do what we have to to make it." and instead they pump 
each others egos and partake of stereo-typical small-time-rockstar 
     Anyway, i've done enough bitching and I really just wanted to play 
the devils advocate, because, like I said, there is a hell of alot of 
good stuff happening in Newfoundland and i'm really just highlighting 
the negative to make a point. (Even though, right now, i'm hardly even 
sure what that is.)
     Feel free to agree, disagree, flame.  Especially, the 
Newfoundlanders on Sloan-net     

                                            A disillusioned skinny 
                                            nervous-looking fellow
                                            from the far East.