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Re: Moonsocket

On Mon, 17 Apr 1995, James R. Covey wrote:
> eric's trip have a self-titled 7" on sappy that is being repressed.
The only self-titled release I know of is the 1990 cassette, is this 
what repressing? 

> there's also the 4-song 7" where each member contributes a solo track.
Stereo Mountain-julie and the porthole to dimentia. SAP01

> and there's that "notes from stereo mountain" thing, i don't know if
> you'll be able to order that or not.

ha ha ha, that's a wonderful piece of wax, love the comic book.  Nope
you can't order this. It is a promotional from SubPop for when you 
mail order Forever Again, and I do believe that it is ALL rick. The
only credits on it are "Music and pictures by rickey" and
(c)(p)1994 subpop music by rickey 1994 sappy songs"


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