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 This may be a little unappropriate to post here, but my server won't
 allow me to send a message to a listserv, which is what the whole
 ET_etc thing is on, and its three o'clock in the morning, and I'm too
 damn lazy to do anything about it, sooooo....
 Just for you people that care, here are this years showcases for
 the North by  NorthEast festival and conference, here in Toronto.
  Sook Yin Lee, Rebecca West, Abubakar and AfroNubians, Al Tuck and No
  Action, Bob Snider, Hip Club Groove, Robert Earl Keen, Jeffrey Gaines,
  Paul MacLeod, Quartette, Modern Farmer, the Caulfields, Jason Feddy,
  Zobop, Rusty, Thrush Hermit <Y-E-A-H!!>, Slowburn, Minstrels On Speed,
  Coltrane Wreck, Brian Black Thunder, the Henry's, the Inbdreds, Shag,
  Nerdy Girl, Les Secretaires Volantes, Fifth Column, the Sweaters,
  Laura Smith, the Spits, the Jazzabels, TSPC, Vern Cheechoo, James
  Keelaghan, Uluteka, Black Rock Coalition, the Wyrd Sisters, the
  Rejeers, Spent, 18th Dye, the Pilgrams, Giant Sand, Guided By Voices,
  Continental Drifters, and Cheticamp.
 For those of you who don't know the dates, it runs from June 15-17th.

-- D'Arcy :)

  P.S. Heather Harkins, do you still want me to get you an ET ticket?