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Re: Moonsocket

On Sun, 16 Apr 1995, Aaron Tuller wrote:

> Besides the 7" on Sappy, what else has Moonsocket released and where do I
> get it?  I know someone on here will know... thanx in advance

let's see, moonsocket has:

-Two tracks on "...Not if I smell you first" cd from Sonic Unyon
      they are the same as the Sappy cassette.

-'Moonsocket' 18 song cassette (45mins) on sappy; Sap 03  

-'Spaced Odd Dities' 7 song 7inch on sappy; Sap06

-'Socket to me' 9 song cassette on Derivative Records;  Duh 015

I don't know how many of these are still available, 
but here's the addresses.

Derivative Records     Sappy Records    Sonic Unyon
PO BOX 42031           PO BOX 25097     2076 Churchill Ave
Montreal, Que          Moncton, NB      Burlington. Ont
H2W 2T3                E1C 9M9          L7R 3T7

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