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Re: Moonsocket

On Mon, 17 Apr 1995, r.d. reynolds wrote:
> On Mon, 17 Apr 1995, Adam Smells like Teen Spirit Rodenhiser wrote:
> > -Two tracks on "...Not if I smell you first" cd from Sonic Unyon
> >       they are the same as the Sappy cassette.
> Nope, I hate to correct you, but there is no Moonsocket on the Sonic 
> Unyon comp.  Unless they are going under some sort of different banem and 
> I seriously doubt it...

I guess you could say Moonsocket appears under a different name. Track 8 
"Hard Feelings" and Track 10 "???" are credited to `Chris'. As in Chris 
Thompson. As in Moonsocket. :)

Incidentally, for those of you who still have not picked up this 
compilation, there's a great Eric's Trip song "Evie" on it as well. Not 
to mention songs by Tristan Psionic, Grasshopper, nc17 (now known as 
treble charger), Sponge (now known as Smoother), Gleet (an eight minute 
moody track, kinda like sunny day real estate, i think), and a few more 

Oh...and don't forget Otis Haynes. Patrick Pentland proves his love to 
AC/DC, I guess. :)

It's available only on CD, I think, through, as mentioned above, Sonic 
Unyon Records. Go for the stink!

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