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Re: hardship post

On Sat, 15 Apr 1995, James R. Covey wrote:

> James arrgh Covey wrote:
> >> the _mood ring_ cassette was released independently.
> >> it's got 6 songs:  "canopy" (same version as 7"),
> tara malapropped (good word!--Steve):
> >Um...no, I don't think so. Sorry to argue with you, listmanagerboy, but 
> >the "canopy" I have on tape is different from the canopy I have on vinyl.
> >:)
> um, sorry to argue with *you*, tarababe, but the version you have
> on tape *may be* the bnw version and so that's why you may notice
> a difference.  so there.  :-)  i still insist that it's the same
> on vinyl as it is on the tape until someone proves me wrong.  :-)

	I must agree with James, as I too bought the Sugarcane single a 
coupla weeks ago and upon comparing the version of Canopy with that on 
the Moodring e.p., I have concluded that they are infact the same.

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