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hardship post

aaron asked about where to find hardship post music.

here's a quick discography.

"sugarcane" 7" is on magwheels, out of boston.
sub pop is listing it these days, so you can
get it through them.  i think it's been re-pressed
'cause i picked up a copy the other in a local
record store that just opened this week.
it has the song "canopy" on the b-side.

the _mood ring_ cassette was released independently.
it's got 6 songs:  "canopy" (same version as 7"),
"tables & chairs upsidedown", "sharp teeth", 
"i wait for me", "colourblind" (acoustic), and
one other song that i'm forgetting right now...
(i'm doing this off the top of my head).
they don't sell it anymore so if you're lucky
enough to find a copy, grab it, 'cause it's
a collector's item now.

the _hack_ ep is on murder, came out on CD and cassette.
that's got "my only aim", "that's ok", "reason",
"colourblind" (rock), "if things work out", and,
yes, a song that i'm forgetting.  produced by
rick white.

then there's the split 7" with randy bachman.
that's on cinnamon toast.  hardship post cover
randy's "rock is my life", randy does "that's ok".

there's also a 7" on murder.  it's called _why don't
you and i smooth things over_ and has "silver suit"
on one side and "under the influence of meat puppets II"
on the other.

there was a four-label four-song flexi that came
out in the _national chart_ that had a hardship
post song on it, "won't you come home".  it's
the seventh song from the rick white _hack_ session.
you can find it on the cinnamon toast _trim crusts
if desired_ compilation CD (which also has their
bachman cover).

the sub pop debut 7" has "slick talkin jack" and
"if i..."  in my personal view, it kinda sucks.
it's the only thing they've put out that i don't
love.  the forthcoming LP has better versions of
those songs on it.  

and that's everything!