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Re: help me edgefest!

Apologies to everyone for such a long posting.... 

Derek Gates writes:
> >
> Sorry to those of you who aren't in the Toronto area...or arent'
> interested in Edgefest...

Derek, *everyone* is interested in Edgefest! ;)  There are people from
all over the country and from the US as well who want to go.  

> This HAS not been confirmed.  I listen to CFNY (the promoter) every
> day, and NOTHING has been said about Sloan or anyone else playing
> here for Edgefest... Yes, there is an Edgefest I (as above - June 2 -
> tix 16.50-26.50).  They have said there will be more Edgefests...
> The Molson Amphitheatre opens May 18 with Bryan Adams.  In an ad in

Then how do you explain the TV commercials for the Ampitheatre which
show Sloan on them?  

> last weeks EyE mag (which can be accessed at
> "http://www.interlog.com/eye";) it says that the Molson Amphitheatre 
> will house events like Kumbaya (Sept. 2), Edgefest, REM, Blur, Sarah
> McLachlan, Blue Rodeo, and _SLOAN_.  No dates have been given...

The dates for Bryan Adams, Edgefest 1, REM, and Blue Rodeo have
already been announced, obviously.  Heck, the Blue Rodeo show's even been
advertised in papers here in Ottawa!  The all-Canadian Edgefest will
most likely be held on Canada Day (an obvious day, wouldn't you agree?),
much like the very first Edgefest.  See, if you notice, most of the
bands in Edgefest 1 are British, and lo and behold, the concert falls
on the weekend we celebrate Queen Victoria's (who was British) birthday.
Go figure.....

> I'd hate to see someone make travel arrangements from California, or
> even Nova Scotia...too soon...

I don't think there's any need to worry about this.   There's still
plenty of time.  Tickets for last year's Edgefest didn't go on sale
until June.    

> And yeah...there are tonnes of hotels nearby to Ont. Place...and 
> they are expensive...  There are also other places (like UofT/Ryerson)
> which have accomodation in student residences for a reasonable price..

But people's houses are even cheaper!  That's why I've got a whole
bunch of people staying at my house.  :) 

NiNa :)