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Re: help me edgefest!

Sorry to those of you who aren't in the Toronto area...or arent'
interested in Edgefest...

Okay, here's what I know so far.  Edgefest #2 (Edgefest #1 is being
> held in May with Blur, Elastica, Ned's Atomic Dustbin and Our Lady
> Peace)  is on July 1st at the Molson Ampitheatre, Ontario Place, in
> Toronto.  Sloan are headlining and Jale and Thrush Hermit are also
> supposed to be on the bill.  :)  Toronto is a big city, and Ontario
> Place is located right along Lake Ontario.  :)  It's right on
> Lakeshore Blvd., which isn't exactly close to the airport, but it's
> along the way.   There are several hotels nearby but hotels in Toronto
> are VERY expensive, *especially* the ones downtown.  Your best bet
> would be to find someone to stay with (my house is full...any other
> Toronto Sloan-Netters out there with room to spare?).  

This HAS not been confirmed.  I listen to CFNY (the promoter) every
day, and NOTHING has been said about Sloan or anyone else playing
here for Edgefest... Yes, there is an Edgefest I (as above - June 2 -
tix 16.50-26.50).  They have said there will be more Edgefests...
The Molson Amphitheatre opens May 18 with Bryan Adams.  In an ad in
last weeks EyE mag (which can be accessed at
"http://www.interlog.com/eye";) it says that the Molson Amphitheatre 
will house events like Kumbaya (Sept. 2), Edgefest, REM, Blur, Sarah
McLachlan, Blue Rodeo, and _SLOAN_.  No dates have been given...

Perhaps someone with connections to Sloan management or Murder...could
find out for sure...  but nothing has been made public...

I'd hate to see someone make travel arrangements from California, or
even Nova Scotia...too soon...

And yeah...there are tonnes of hotels nearby to Ont. Place...and 
they are expensive...  There are also other places (like UofT/Ryerson)
which have accomodation in student residences for a reasonable price..

Just thought someone living in TO should try to clarify the situation..
I'm sure we'll see Sloan in TO this summer...but when?  is still to
be determined...

> Hope to see y'all there!  Oh, and if you come, make sure to wear your
> Sloan-Net t-shirt, k?  Thanks.  :)  
Will do!



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