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Re: help me edgefest!

**************************E D G E F E S T  1 9 9 5****************************

Okay, here's what I know so far.  Edgefest #2 (Edgefest #1 is being
held in May with Blur, Elastica, Ned's Atomic Dustbin and Our Lady
Peace)  is on July 1st at the Molson Ampitheatre, Ontario Place, in
Toronto.  Sloan are headlining and Jale and Thrush Hermit are also
supposed to be on the bill.  :)  Toronto is a big city, and Ontario
Place is located right along Lake Ontario.  :)  It's right on
Lakeshore Blvd., which isn't exactly close to the airport, but it's
along the way.   There are several hotels nearby but hotels in Toronto
are VERY expensive, *especially* the ones downtown.  Your best bet
would be to find someone to stay with (my house is full...any other
Toronto Sloan-Netters out there with room to spare?).  
	If I remember correctly, the Molson Ampitheatre, which is an
outdoor venue, holds about 16,000 or so people.  Tickets for the first
Edgefest went on sale this week for $26, I think, which is a bit
steep.  Here's hoping Edgefest #2 won't cost this much.  Ticket info
has NOT yet been announced for Edgefest #2, but it probably will be
soon, so as soon as I or anyone hears anything, I'm sure it will be
posted here.  Oh, BTW...Ticketmaster's phone # in Toronto is (416)
870-8000, so have those credit cards handy to order when the info
comes out.  :)   Cheers!  :)

Hope to see y'all there!  Oh, and if you come, make sure to wear your
Sloan-Net t-shirt, k?  Thanks.  :)  


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