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hardship post and happy freakin' easter too

Hey kids,

First things first. Thanks to the kids who sent their Les Amis Du Sloan 
to me so quickly. Special hugs go out to the *sweetest* kids on the 
block, Nina Nina Super Keenah (well, kisses...) and Barb Y. - You guys 
TOTALLY made my whole day!!! :) :) :) :)  Now, if only those slack ass 
musician types were that quick... ;) And if only they would send me 
chocolate treats... :) :)

Second...the new Hardship Post. While I have to say that upon first 
listen most tracks don't seem to GRAB you the way songs like "silver 
suit" "turning tables and chairs upside down" or "colourblind" do, 
they're still pretty awesome. Perhaps it's the order of the tracks...like 
when you listen to _Hack_, it grabs you right away with "My only aim" and 
"That's OK", you just want to jump around the room a lot. With _Somebody 
Spoke_, you sort of feel your way around during the first track "New 
Wave" and it takes a full minute and a half in track two "Garbagetruck" 
before you feel that familiar Hardship Post catchy song kinda sound. Of 
course, that is the point in the album where the "ba ba ba da da ba..." 
starts out. (I'm such a sucker for ba ba's, yeah yeah's, or just sweet 
oooh ooohs a la Coax Me or basically any superfriendz song).

The second "what a day" is better than the first "what a day" - does 
anyone know *why* they put two tracks on with the same title??  The 
second "what a day" is just...it's the strongest track on the album in my 
opinion, it rocks in that wicked devoesque way that "silver suit" did. I 
want to dance. :)

"Watchin You" sort of reminds me of "sugarcane" in a weird way, in the 
way the lyrics rhythm is set. Does that even make sense? I keep waiting 
for Seb/JC to start singing "Red clay .... Allll-ways stains the white 
dress" or whatever. :)  It's a short song, which is too bad because it's 
one of the more poppier (read: excellent) songs.

Mike Pick's songs "Capability" and "My Secret Life" are definitely 
distinguishable from Seba- whoa I mean Johnnie Cox's songs. "Capability" 
sort of trudges along. "My Secret Life" has sort of a funky kinda rhythm 
to it, it's got an late 70s AM radio kinda feeling to it, at least that's 
what I get from it. You know, when you were a kid and your mom was 
driving somewhere and the radio was on...I dunno. It just reminds me of 
that feeling. Especially on the chorus.

I have to be honest and say that upon first listen, this CD isn't quite 
as catchy, poppy, "rockin" or whatever as their previous releases. I've 
only been listening to Hardship Post for about a year and I've never seen 
them live (21 more days!!!!!) so maybe I haven't had time to get ready 
for a bit of a different sound from them. I'm sure if I had heard _John 
Boomer_ or the "ammo" or "marya" singles from Thrush Hermit *before* I had 
heard _Smart Bomb_ I'd have said the same thing for them. This is not to 
say the CD is bad, far from it. It just has a bit of a darker tone and is 
slowed down a notch. I'll leave the track by track analysis thing up to 

Hope you're all as happy as I am and make sure to pick up this CD on May 
23 when it is officially released. :)

And if you're in Halifax or nearby, make sure to go to Birdland on May 5 
to see them with Trike. You never know who you might run into....

Sending chocolatey kisses to you all,
20 days and counting...WAGONS EAST! :)

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   my love for you was always  *r r*     could pull me back to the
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