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Eric's Trip : a east coast band

hmm-mm ... like a old wine.. a memorable evening...

it leaves a taste in the mouth that you'll never forget.. or is it that, you
would like to never forget?

It was \!/ L'Oxygene/Opposé. it's a new bar in Quebec city, and it's quite
small. There's no stage.      1th floor is where gears were dispose.  it'
s all    -          ages      2nd floor the      beers.

The room is like 20 * 50 feet...so small... on the ticket it's writen 9:00..
at 7:30 it was PACKED.. with...not more then 150 peoples.
8:00 the show begin...
The local rockers LES PICHOUS played hard. the rawkiest show they ever did.
they did a superb a bass and a girl cover (they keep on calling me...) version
of a NIN hit. plus a joy division thing. their originals were so catchy
people couln't help but to start dancing/slamming. way to go..
me i was in the back, so since the stage is at floor level, i couln't see
anything of there act. but the sound was good.

The moncton's THEE SUDDENS jumped on the stage (or should i say walk on) after
them,to rock and shake the hell out of our french ass. They were really good.
the vocals are catchy, and the drums don't stop for whimps; garage punk rock
spiced with original arrengements. The crowd response was really good.
Quebec city's crowd are real sports. come by..play quebec city.. we want
to discover new bands! :)

In the mean time, i have to mention this:) i start to chat with this girl
who seems to know the members of ET. How impolite i was; took me awhile
before i told her my name, and ask for hers. her name was; Tara. :)
yes, the other one. the one from Love Tara. she is such a lovely and sweet
person. i miss her allready :(

Then, ERIC'S TRIP. after three chords stroked i was allready telling myself
wow. got to tell you it was the first time.. and you know how those first
times are... or really shity, and that hurt.. or really great, still hurt
though... oh well.. so it's was WOW. and then WOW, and then WOW-O-WOW!!!!
they rule!! they rule!! Mark rule, RIck rule, Criss rule and Julie
reign above thee.
hee hee...i could go on like that... leave this review to this...
anyhow...by this time the place was OVER PACKED. it was like 175 or 200
peoples slamming, pogoing and body surfing. There was peoples slamming at
2 feet away from Julie. so you can imagine that her mic was part of the
dancing crowd too. It was crazy. people were climbing up on the bar.
i was up there filming the whole thing. The sound was not that horrible.
actually, except for the vocals who were nothing more than unaudible, the
rest was fine. each drum's part where well balanced. And the string trio
was at time even more defined than on the Lp's.
They played (not exhaustive, nor in order) frame, need, in my room (wow!!)
view master, happens all the time, (geee i got to admit i don't know the
titles of eric's trip's songs...sorry), a bunch of song from their latest
with that one that criss sings it and the lyrics goes w/ something
like "a place to hiiiiiiiide..." that one was humm-mmm, tasty. :)
they played alot from Love Tara too. one or two from Gordon...
i think they played warm girl.. oh whatever..all song sounded like hit for
me. :)
For the encore they did the all time favorite Smother. Some people
were screaming it before the encore. i mean y'know in the middle of
the show. From my upper standing point i told 'em to shut the f?%$# up.
Sloan net kids, when you go to shows, don't do like them. please, unless
the band looks like he want some request, this can be really annoying,
bothering (i don't know what would be the right word) for the band.
well in other words, it usely piss off bands (i mean wellknow bands).
that makes me think of that Grapes of Wrath show some years ago when
there was those stupids ass yelling "misunderstanding" the whole f*&?#!ng
show. I wonder how those people managed not to see the looks of the
hooper's/kaine faces when they were doing that. anyhow, that's an other
story so..
Back to the ET show, well it was a weird, very close and "mesmerizing" show.

If you want a copy of that show,just send me post and we'll work something out.
Btw, i asked Criss before the show about that, and he was really happy about
it. I will send them a copy of it. Don't send me money. just a vcr tape
plus something like a demo tape from your own little yet, great band.
I'll be happy to make you a copy of it. But, you'll have to send it soon,
i mean before the end of april (first of may). Because, i'll be gone
from that tricks removed address.

Love y'all,