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royale with cheese

I picked up the Pulp Fiction Soundtrac today, it's great!  

Am I wrong, didn't Scott Kendal form Cheticamp, or was that some other 
Jellyfishbabies member that was not part of the original lineup?

Sloan's cover of blue eyes was so good, it made up for not ever seeing 
the real thing.  

Wasn't there some kind of backlash in Halifax against them for leaving?  
Seems to me at a lawnjam one of the guys in Black Pool made some comment 
about how they had integrity because they stayed, unlike other 
bands (implying the Jellyfishbabies)

I think Diamond Joe, Blue Eyes, and Messiah are my three favourites off 
this album.  I'm surprised to hear that it didn't do well, especially 
since it looks as though they repressed it. 

Jim Cooper