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Re: superfriendz cancelled? (fwd)

Sorry for the double posting but I hope word gets out to *everyone* out 
there in rock and roll land. 

Superfriendz tour IS cancelled and here's who to blame....

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Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 11:29:05 -0300
From: Murderecords <murder\!/ra.isisnet.com>
To: tara lee baby!!! <tlwittch\!/acs.ucalgary.ca>
Subject: Re: superfriendz cancelled?

<stuff deleted>
 Please post a message on Sloan net, since I have yet to hook up, that any 
bands out there should stay away from Frank Weipert at Teamworks in 
Vancouver, it is his fault that no tour is going to happen, asked him to book
 a tour 6 weeks ago and last week it became evident that he had done
 nothing. Just a warning to new bands.....

see ya
colin m

Colin also told me that jale, superfriendz, and the inbreds will be 
touring later on, once they get a tour organized. I hear they have a 
*great* new tour booking guy... ;)

Also, Thrush Hermit should hit the road in the next two months. Yippee!

halifax or bust! 22 days and counting...
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