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Thanks Todd! I just COULDN'T THINK of the name of Dave Schellenberg's band 
(tho I saw them at the deuce about 2 yrs ago...I remember the singer as 
wearing some kind of 70s getup & not really liking them too much tho I 
don't remember them well enough to say...I think they released a cd about a 
yr ago).
 Colleen Britton (the Jellyfishbabies drummer) was replaced by Mike 
Belitsky (formerly of hfx rockabilly band the lone stars) before they 
moved to Toronto in 1987. I'm pretty sure Colleen lives in hfx still (I saw 
her at the spine record release friday night at birdland) but the only 
other band I remember her in was a Chris Murphy/John Goodrich project 
called Cuddly which existed very briefly around 1990.
 I have NO IDEA what happened to Scott Kendall, & if anyone does PLEASE LET 
ME KNOW! I last saw him in 1991 and have heard various things fr various 
people...he's in New York, he's in Vancouver...he just seems to have 
disappeared...oh well,here's what I know about jfb's 1986-90: 

They were supposed to release an lp recorded in hfx b/w the "lighthouse" lp 
(which in 1 account I heard sold so poorly that the plot records people 
started using them as frisbees...I know they gave a bunch away for free at 
their last gig before they left hfx...a shame b/c it was really great) & 
"the unkind truth about rome" but were unhappy with it so only bootleg 
tapes of it ever existed. They did release an independent 7" in 1989. 
People in halifax don't seem to remember them esp well...Sloan did a cover 
of "blue eyes" fr the 1st lp at a show at the mcinnes rm last yr(?) & it 
was sort of lost on most of the kids there.
  Ooooo...Another hfx scene history moment :)...................kat

PS peter rowan (decent management guy says):