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RE: Jellyfishbabies

In response to Colin Patrick Wallace's question "what happened to
the Jellyfishbabies?

Maybe I shouldn't be the one answering this cause I don't know
everything but, I'll say what I know. The drummer off the
lighthouse album, Colleen, is living in Haifax (I think) and has been in a
few bands since the JFBs, but I cant remember their names. Peter
Arsenault (the guitar player backing vocals guy) now plays bass
for the Doughboys!! (he plays onthe Crush album). Dave
Scellenberg the bass player is in a band from Toronto (I'm pretty
sure) called Squirrel. They have played halifax a number of times
but I always missed them (sorry Dave).

I am really unsure about Scott Kendall. I think that I heard that
he too is in another band in Toronto, but that could just be
wrong. As  for their drummers after Colleen I have no clue.

incidentally Colleen was the drummer in Spent (Chris murphy's
first outta the basement band). 
  	Well I hope that was helpful,