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Jellyfishbabies / sleric's lip / Local Rabbits

THe recent ecb family tree inspired me to throw on my old Jellyfishbabies 
album (the one with the lighthouse on the cover). After noticing the '86 
release date and noticing that _the unkind truth..._ wasn't put out until 
'90, i wondered what had happened in those four years and where they are now.

As i understood it they moved to T.O. to make a go of it or something.
Judging from their apparent non-branching on the aforementioned tree and 
their decision to move to the big armpit, do you east-coaster still consider 
them one of your own? 

Since one of their lp's landed out here and 
they were one of the first ecb's to get exposure (it seems), i thought 
they might have played a large role in developing a scene on 
the coast. However, judging from the family tree, they weren't the most 
seminal band from those parts...
(Ooops, i am now reminded that i picked up the album in London, Ontario in 
'89 after seeing Andy Kerr of NoMeansNo-fame wearing a Jellyfishbabies 
tee on eMpTV - er... MuchMusic. Mayber they weren't so 'exposed.')

Still, whatever happened to Jellyfishbabies? 
I thoroughly enjoyed their music. 

Also, i wonder if anyone might have a scoop (whatever that means) on the 
"sleric's lip" song on Change of Heart's _Tummysuckle_.

And... does anyone have the latest Local Rabbits release on murder? Like it?

AS somewhat of a sloan net neophyte, I've waited a long time since my first 
ill-placed posting (re. BNW) to post something related to this net and I 
humbly pat my back for it. (Is humble back-patting an oxymoron?!)
(I hope I've made you proud TLW! ;-) )

Thanks for reading/answering,