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MCA/Seagrams/Warner/SubPop/sXe boys/etc.

My roommate told me that Seagram's sold their shares in Warner, so I 
guess sloan aren't connected to jale/eric's trip/hardship post in that oh 
so special stock market way.

However, listmanagerboy and I were discussing the possible implications 
of having a company like Seagram's owning MCA. What will those two geeky 
straightedge losers ;) Chris and Jay think? I'm sure Patrick is quite 
pleased, judging from the reports of his activities at recent gigs. :)

Controversies abound...

Tara, the one who *didn't* realize what sloan's original sophomore album 
title meant.
 Our love is like a Springsteen concert.
 It's not that great. It's really long.
 But gee, what energy.
                 - Bruce, the shortest
                     kid in the hall