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A warning in case they come to your town

Hey indie rockers;

This weekend something really gross happened to two young women who work 
at the same campus station I work at. They were hanging around this place 
where an all ages gig was being held. As they walked by this van, these 
guys started yelling out stuff like "hey baby, wanna fuck?" and stuff 
like that. These guys were part of a group of drunk skinheads who were 
hanging with a certain band from our city. So ok, so they're drunk 
losers. Well, later on, these same two women walked by them again, only 
to be greeted with "that one's cute. let's rape her." Yeah. Cool.

Unfortunately for these two women, my male friends who happened to be 
with them are extremely skinny and not exactly the type who could do 
anything about it. These two male friends of mine felt like garbage for 
not being able to do a damn thing. The only thing they felt they could do 
to make the situation at least a little less gross and scary would be to 
spread the word. This isn't unusual behaviour for fans of this particular 
band and so I just want to send out a warning to anyone who might think 
of booking this band or playing them or purchasing something by them.

The band is KFC, short for Kentucky Fried Children, and they seem to 
always attract skinheads (and I'm sure you know what kind I am referring 
to) and just... it's a bad scene, ok?

I was supposed to be with these two male friends of mine, and I guess I'm 
pretty glad I wasn't. This kind of behavior makes me physically ill and I 
just felt compelled to warn you all about this band.

Sorry to be so depressing, I just don't want anyone to ever give any 
support to this band.


  "A friend of mine brought to my attention the stupidity of your
friendly neighborhood convenience store. You have two dollars in 
your pocket and a craving for junk food. You purchase a *bag* of
potato chips and the clerk asks you if you need a bag for that. A
bag for a bag. Keep up the waste!!"  - Scott Bennie, non sloan fan